Whether you call them smileys, emoticons or smiley faces, they are the most fun way to express yourself online, and you can't beat the price - free! Gone are the days when all you could do was type :). Now you can choose from thousands of 3d smileys, animated smileys and even talking smileys. You can use your talking, 3D and animated Smileys right away on MySpace, Facebook, IM, MSN Spaces, email, Blogs, and much more. With all those sites offering free smileys, however, how do you pick the right one.

      Don't worry, help is on the way. Looking around online, I've found that the top 3 sources for downloading your free smiley faces are Crawler, Smiley Central & Freeze. Each site has its own style. SmileyCentral is my favorite, but your taste might be different. They are all free - so check them out them and keep your pick. So you can do the following: Pick one and try it out. Don't like it? Just try another (maybe bookmark this page so you can get back here). Simple, no? Here they are, have fun!

Smiley Central is probably the oldest and most popular. To download your smiley faces from Smiley Central click here, or on this lovely pic.

Next is the Crawler Smiley Toolbar. As I mentioned above, there is no telling which you will like. To get your smiley faces from Crawler Smiley click here, or click on the pic.

Finally, there is the newcomer, Iminent Emoticons. Worth a look... Check out smiley faces from Iminent Emoticons here, or click below.

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